Monday, May 11, 2009

Just to put this out there.

We stopped at Burger King and used a 2 for 1 coupon for Whoppers the other day, and I noticed that they are selling these. (Pardon the Crummy Photoshop Job)

They are so tempting and would be perfect for the site, but I don't frequent fast food at all and couldn't really justify the cost. But if someone out there wants to see a character on the site. I'm not above recieving donations. The rule for a character appearing on the site, is that I must have the toy/figure in possession (I know I fudged a little with Maleficent, let's say that's the exception that proves the rule) to take the proper photograph (and I want to stick with toys that could be used on a 1" grid, so I want to keep them roughly 3 inches tall or less—unless they're some sort of monster [stay tuned, I've got a great one that breaks the height rule]).

So if you want to see a character on the site, send me the toy/figure.


orangemily said...

Like I said, I'll just have to take Moira for 16 kids meals to get all the toys. ; )

Brandon said...

Have you seen the new star trek movie. I thought it was good. The characters are much different than their original counterparts.

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